Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bread Beginnings

Saturday afternoon was rainy and pearfect for experimenting with bread making. While the dough was rising I made the Pear and Ginger jam, more so to distract myself from peaking at the dough every few minutes, which however did not really stop me from doing so! For my first attempt at making bread I used this simple recipe I found at busy cooks.

I followed the recipe faithfully except:

1. I used whole wheat flour instead of bread flour.

2. I made 4 slashes on the top instead of 3 : ).

It tasted great with the Pear and Ginger Jam and the usual suspects butter and cheese.The crust was delicious but the inside was a bit dense. Perhaps it was because I used whole wheat flour and not bread flour, or maybe I didn't let it rise enough, didn't knead it enough, who knows! But, I kept staring at and touching my bread in complete disbelief that I had created it! Looking forward to future experiments with bread making, and, overall was quite pleased with my humble bread beginnings!


LisaRene said...

Homemade bread is the best! I'm glad your first attempt was successful. Sounds delicious with your homemade Pear and Ginger Jam.

Zita said...

Superb, almost can smell the adorable of yeast in the air :)

Traveling Tummy said...

Thanks Lisarene! Yes its so exciting the possibilities feel endless now!

Thanks Zita haha yes I never thought that yeast would make me so happy!