Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bell Pepper Cheese Tartlets for Taste and Create

I had bought these tartlet dishes a while ago because I thought they were so pretty and never really used them. I saw this delightful recipe from Nirmala at Amma's Special and was so excited to use my tartlet dishes.
http://passionatetrials.wordpress.com/2008/05/08/bell-pepper-cheese-tartlets-jfi-bell-pepper/. Nirmala and I got paired up as part of Taste and Create's Spring Edition. The way it works is that you re-create something from your partner's blog. Check out details here http://forfood.rezimo.com/?page_id=606.

I was so happy to be paired up with Amma's Special, as Nirmala has delicious pictures and recipes on her blog, ones that make your mouth water endlessly!

I pretty much followed Nirmala's recipe faithfully, except, I baked my tartlets for about 25 minutes at 350 degrees. I was so happy with my tartlets! They were so easy to make yet so lovely, and the aroma of bell peppers baking in the oven was heavenly. This recipe is a keeper! Thanks Nirmala! And also thanks to Nicole at For the Love of Food for hosting this event.


Nazneen said...

Wha???? you made that? Looks amazing!

Traveling Tummy said...

Yes Nazneen I did! Thanks I was amazed as well!

Zita said...

Wow...beautiful tarts, look so yummy too :)

Traveling Tummy said...

Thanks Zita!