Sunday, June 22, 2008

Indian Alphonso Mangoes

My brother sent me a link to this article mentioning the arrival of Indian Alphonso Mangoes in the US.
They were to be available in select Food Emporiums, including one right by me. After dinner, I dragged a curious LWTT and strolled into the Food Emporium by me expecting it to be mobbed by Indians desperate for Alphonso mangoes! But no that is not what I saw. I walked around the fresh produce section, and saw the usual mangoes that you get here. No sign of the Indian Mangoes. I literally scoured the place, and then a basket, with no signage whatsoever, I saw them! They were green and needed to ripen, but each mango was wrapped in white packaging to protect them. I was so ecstatic to find them, and then was also shocked by the price - $4 each! Ahhh... the dilemma! After some soul searching and explaining to LWTT, I picked out 2 and decided to splurge! The lady behind the check out counter reminded me that they were $4 each, I said yes I know, but they are really special and delicious. She laughed at me like I was a fool. She then asked me what was in there, "". Another woman said "...No, curry!". What a spectacle I was creating. Anyhow, I rushed home with my treasures and nestled them on a nice dish to ripen.

After watching them for about a week, as they were slowly changing color from green to a light yellow, I decided one was ripe and ready to be devoured. I sliced it in the typical way, leaving me with two "cheeks" and the seed in the middle. It smelled divine. I then sunk my teeth in one of the "cheeks" as the juice went running all over my hands, down my wrist, reaching my elbow! Oh I was in heaven, and I tried to savor each bite, reminiscing about my childhood feasting on mangoes every summer, but before I knew it, it was gone! Oh well, I still have one more to enjoy!

And... I peeked into the Food Emporium today and saw Indian Mangoes boldly displayed and were selling 3 for $5! Hmmm... wonder if I will submit myself to this decadence again!

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